Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fastest In the World ..........

Do you want to know what is the fastest in the world curently?

Here I show you some of it....

 Fastest Car in the World - Shelby Super Cars Ultimate Aero: 412.28 KMPH

Fastest Animal in the World – Cheetah:  113 KMPH

 Fastest Bird in the World - Spine tailed swift: 171 KMPH

 Fastest Fish in the world – Sailfish: 110 KMPH

 Fastest Man in the world - Usain Bolt: 40-43 KMPH

 Fastest Plane in the world - X-43 Aircraft: 12144 KMPH

 Fastest Train in the World - Shanghai Maglev Train: 581 KMPH

 Fastest Bike in the world - TomaHawk (Not a Legal Bike): 675 KMPH

AND ............
World's Fastest Days - Saturday & Sunday

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