Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rat Snack? Yachhh....Pity Them In Mozambique...

In a Mozambican village of Madamba locals are catching and selling rats on the side of a road. A stick with 6-7 fried rats costs about 30 cents. Every rat-catcher can earn up to 3 dollars a day which are a lot of money in this poor African country.

  Together we can get more and more!!!

Let's roll...Autobots!!!

  Let's dig and find more of them!!!

  Hey..I found it, here!!!
 Yeahh...This the rat we looking for!!!
  Yeahh...I get a lot. Yahooo!!!

  Yeah....I found it. This mine!!!

  Preparing time!!!

  Let's grill!!!

  Yummy..yummy... We love this snack!!!

 I love Satay style..!!!

 Yeahhh...more Satay style for me!!!
 Can't wait for more rats Satay!!!
  My satay ready!!! Hey...give me one...give me one!!!


  Mama...can we get more. We still hungry of it!!!

 Thanks, mama!!!

  Do you want some?? Tast it...feel's yummy!!!
 You want some...take it!!!
 How about mamak curry style??? You wanna try!!!

Moral of the story:
Bersyukurlah kita tinggal dalam negara yg aman dan makmur.... Tiada rakyat Malaysia yg menderita kebuluran akibat kemiskinan...

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